Centre for Road Safety

The Centre for Road Safety aims to reduce the risks confronted by motorcyle riders.

Motorcyclists matter

With the motorcycle community and key road safety stakeholders, we developed the NSW Motorcycle Safety Strategy. The plan supports the goals of the NSW Road Safety Strategy and the NSW 2021 plan to reduce road trauma. Motorcycles are increasing in numbers on NSW roads. Our data shows they are over-represented in road crashes, making up 15 per cent of road deaths and 10 per cent of injuries.

Strategy highlights:

  • A $3 million program to review and provide safety works on popular motorcycle routes
  • A targeted communication strategy for motorcyclists and other road users
  • lane filtering trial in Sydney’s CBD
  • Develop and promote technical support to encourage road asset owners to consider motorcycle safety when designing, constructing and maintaining the road network
  • Further research on motorcycle crashes, the impact of fatigue on motorcyclists, motorcycle licensing and rider training
  • Research and develop new ways to promote information on motorcycle features, helmet standards and protective clothing