Centre for Road Safety

Get your hand off it

To see how easily you can be distracted when you use your mobile phone and the consequences you face, watch Sydney Swans players in our videos or read the transcripts.

We sponsor the Sydney Swans to help raise awareness among fans and the wider community that using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous and has serious consequences.

Our research shows that using your phone while driving increases your risk of a crash, especially when you hold it and take your eyes off the road. The Swans support our Get your hand off it campaign and are helping to spread the safety message in light-hearted videos that focus on the dangers of mobile phone distraction.

The Get your hand off it message is promoted at matches, on the internet and through social media.

The Swans agree: Get your hand off it - there really is no excuse.

Make sure you know the rules for mobile phone use while driving.