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Who do the Wanderers community slow down for?

Graphic: Every year 4000 people are killed or injured on NSW roads because of speeding.

Graphic: Who do you slow down for?

[Close-up of Wanderers player Andrew Redmayne inside a team dressing room.]

Andrew Redmayne: I slow down for the kids that look up to us.

[Close-up of Wanderers player Brendon Santalab.]

Brendon Santalab: I slow down for my mates in the car.

[Close-up of a nurse on the football field as she holds her hand on her chest for emphasis.]

Nurse: I slow down for the patients that count on me.

[Close-up of tradesman on the football field.]

Tradesman: I slow down for my daughters Emily and Sophie.

[Close-up of a Wanderers fan on the football field.]

Fan: I slow down for my Wanderers family.

[Close-up of Wanderers player Scott Neville on the football field.]

Scott Neville: So who do you slow down for?

Graphic: For everyone around you, slow down.

Credits: Western Sydney Wanderers FC logo; Towards Zero; Transport for NSW logo

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Towards Zero - Western Sydney Wanderers

[Tristan Kennedy shares his story with Western Sydney Wanderers players to help bring the road toll down Towards Zero.]

Graphic: Do you know how many people died last year on NSW roads?

Wanderers player Jack Clisby: I don't even know what the stats are at the moment, so.

Wanderers player Mario Shabow: Pretty sure over 100.

Graphic: 384 fatalities on NSW roads in 2016

[Wanderers players sit and listen as Tristan Kennedy tells the story of how a motorbike crash changed his life forever. Close-ups of the players’ faces reveal the dramatic effect of Tristan’s story.]

Tristan: My name's Tristan. I was riding a trail bike with my mate. We got wiped out by a big semi-trailer. My friend Dwayne died soon after. His family miss him every day and I do too.

[Shot shows Tristan in a hospital bed with his neck in a brace and a tube taped to his nose.]

Tristan: I had a brain injury, in there for 14 long months.

[More close-ups show the players listening intently as Tristan addresses them.]

Tristan: I didn't think I would be going home then, but I did get there eventually.

[Close-up of Tristan speaking to the players.]

Tristan: I just want you to know that silly decisions change lives forever.

[The players applaud as Tristan finishes his story.]

[Tristan is shown outside as he greets three players.]

Tristan: Hi again.

[The three players face the camera.]

Jerrad Tyson: You know, hearing stories like Tristan's, it's really important that we don't put ourselves in those situations by doing silly things on the road.

Jack Clisby: You know, it opens my eyes to what I may do on the road from now on.

[Tristan is shown in the centre of the three players.]

Tristan: A little mistake can turn into a big one and it’ll wreck your life forever.

Jerrad Tyson: Let's hope we can get toward zero as soon as possible.

Credits: Towards Zero, NSW Government Transport for NSW.

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