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Slow Down

Watch Wanderers players in our videos to see who they slow down for. Read transcripts.


Our partnership with the Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club helps tackle the biggest killer on or roads – speeding. Every year in NSW, 4000 people are killed or injured because of speeding, underlining the importance of our Slow Down campaign.

One of the most heavily supported teams in the A-League, the Wanderers promote the Slow Down message at matches, on the internet and through social media. The team encourages drivers to slow down, especially men aged between 17 and 29, who are overrepresented in fatal and injury crashes.

Combined with our education campaigns, high visibility police enforcement and speed cameras,the Wanderers stand united to help us change driver behaviour and reduce speed-related deaths and injuries.

Those who speed put themselves at risk, as well as their family, friends and other people they love. The Wanderers realise the importance of sticking to the speed limit and driving to the conditions.