Centre for Road Safety

This video shows how our trial of new technology allows drivers to receive safety messages about upcoming hazards. Read a transcript.

Australia's largest CITS project

The Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative (CITI) is a testing facility for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (CITS). Based in the Illawarra region, it is the largest CITS test facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

CITS allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure, such as traffic signals, that are fitted with the same system. Drivers then receive alerts about upcoming hazards that could cause a crash.

Features of the CITI testbed

  • Almost 60 trucks and 11 buses have been fitted with CITS so far
  • Three intersections are equipped with CITS to provide red traffic signal information
  • More than 1 billion records have been collected for analysis
  • A roadside transmission station broadcasts speed limit information to heavy vehicles about the 40km/h truck and bus zone down the Mount Ousley descent
  • A licence from the Australian Communications and Media Authority to broadcast on the 5.9GHz radio spectrum.

Safety broadcasts

Drivers in participating vehicles see the following messages:

  • Intersection collision warning
  • Heavy braking ahead warning
  • Traffic signal phase information
  • Speed limit information.

CITI Light Vehicle Study

The Centre for Road Safety is expanding CITI. To investigate the potential safety benefits and user friendliness of the system, 55 cars from the Wollongong area will be fitted with CITS.

More information

Please contact the CITI team for more details.

Email: CITI.Support@transport.nsw.gov.au

Telephone: 1300 679 472.


CITI was established with contributions from the Australian Government and CSIRO’s Data61.