Centre for Road Safety

Younger drivers face greater danger because of their inexperience.

Beating the odds

Younger drivers face many challenges when learning the complex task of driving a vehicle. With their inexperience, they also face a higher risk of danger. Despite making up only about 15 per cent of all drivers, younger drivers represent more than a third of annual road fatalities.

The Safer Drivers Course helps learner drivers identify risks on the roads. Speed management, hazard awareness and safe following distances are some of the strategies in the course’s theoretical and practical sessions, which earn learner drivers 20 hours of log-book credit.

Licence conditions expalins the Graduated Licensing Scheme process, as well as some of the restrictions that apply to learner and P-plate drivers.

Our P1/P2 vehicle search lets provisional drivers find the types of cars that they are allowed to drive.

The Restricted P1 Provisional licence pilot allows learner drivers in selected areas west of the Newell Highway to drive to work, education and medical related appointments.

Learners in these areas can apply for a Restricted P1 licence after they have finished 50 hours of on-road supervised driving (including at least 10 hours of night driving).

A zero alcohol limit applies to all learner and provisional licence drivers. L and P platers must not consume any alcohol before driving.