Centre for Road Safety

Share the roads

When people who normally ride get behind the wheel to drive a car, they tend to watch for motorcyclists. However, not everybody rides and often drivers don't see motorcyclists. Motorcycles are harder to see than other vehicles. They are small, blend easily into the background, can accelerate faster than other vehicles and it can be difficult to judge their approaching speed.

Check twice

Motorists need to be aware that with basic observation, many dangerous situations can be avoided. Tips for drivers to share the road with motorcyclists include:

  • Remember to scan the road environment and watch for motorcycles, especially when you approach intersections.
  • Cars have blind spots that can be large enough to obscure your view. Look over your shoulder before you make a move of any kind.
  • Check your mirrors and blind spots often, and give motorcycles room in traffic.
  • When you’re getting out of a parked car, check for motorcycles before you open the door.
  • When you’re pulling out from the kerb, look especially for motorcycles. They have a narrower profile than cars and can quickly appear.
  • Do the same during any manoeuvre. Motorcycles can turn up in the most unexpected places.
  • Give motorcycles space. They may have to avoid an obstacle that might not matter to drivers, but could be a serious problem for them.

Check blind spots. Look out for motorcyclists. Give motorcyclists space.