Centre for Road Safety

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Take care on bends

Every time you come around a corner you are at risk. Eight out of 10 motorcycle fatalities on curves occur when the motorcycle crosses into the oncoming lane, runs off the road or loses control without actually leaving the carriageway.

Road conditions can change instantly. A smear of diesel fuel can reduce the grip of your tyres. The road surface is part of your riding environment, just like the weather or the traffic density. The discipline of good observation helps you to see, assess and deal with unexpected risks.

Safe approach

Motorcycle riders can use any part of their lane. Starting corners wide will improve your vision. Planning to finish them in tight will help you get your speed right and leave you room for slight errors. Most importantly, keep away from the head-on zone. Taking corners this way will slow you down a little on the approach, but allow you a clearer view when exiting the corner.

Right-hand corners

Start wide, slow down and keep to the left until you can see the road is clear of oncoming traffic. Create a safe buffer zone away from oncoming traffic

Left-hand corners

Start wide for better vision and finish in tight. Create a safe buffer zone away from oncoming traffic.