Centre for Road Safety

Smooth entry and exit

The Drop-off and Pick-up student marshalling initiative provides parents and carers with a safe environment to drop off  and collect-their children from school by car.

The Drop-off and Pick-up initiative uses existing No Parking areas at schools. The areas, always on the school side of the road, provide  convenience for drivers and enhance children’s safety.

Parents and carers are able to legally drop off or pick up their children within a two-minute timeframe, while a volunteer adult supervisor assists the children into or out of the car. The Drop-off and Pick-up initiative allows:

  • Drivers to drop off or pick up students legally at busy times at the beginning and end of the school day
  • A volunteer adult supervisor to marshal the students at the designated school gate
  • The driver to pull into the Drop-off and Pick-up zone and remain in control of the vehicle while a volunteer adult supervisor assists the school student to exit or enter the vehicle
School Drop-off Pick-up ZONE

Advantages of the Drop-off and Pick-up initiative

A Drop-off and Pick-up initiative has advantages for child road safety because it:

  • Provides a designated zone at a school access point for drivers to stop and drop off or pick-up their children
  • Relieves traffic congestion around the school by ensuring cars do not park illegally
  • Provides adult supervision for students being dropped off and picked up from school by car
  • Allows smaller children to remain secured in the car while school age children are dropped off and picked up from school
  • Reinforces road safety messages and safe passenger behaviours to parents and children

Thinking of setting up an initiative?

Schools are encouraged to consider implementing the initiative to enhance child safety. Support will be given to schools by providing Drop-off and Pick-up’signs for No Parking zones outside the school. Promotional material will also be supplied to support the initiative. Schools need to:

  • Ensure their school community supports the initiative
  • Consult with the local council to determine if the school environment is suitable for the initiative to operate
  • Establish a roster of volunteers to be zone supervisors
  • Develop policies and procedures to administer the initiative
  • Fully understand all issues regarding liability in respect of students and volunteers

Drop-off & Pick-up zones encourage the children to keep road safety rules in mind The system also teaches the children co-operation and patience as they wait their turn and are then called by an adult.

The Drop-off and Pick-up initiative (PDF, 104Kb) and Parent letter (PDF, 2.42Mb) documents provide information to help set up the zones. The Drop-off and Pick-up safety tips (PDF, 96Kb) document provides information for drivers, students and volunteers.