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Round Seven grants now open

What kind of projects receive grants?

The Community Road Safety Grants Program allows community groups and charity/not-for-profit organisations across NSW the opportunity to deliver local safety projects. Locally run projects will help increase road safety awareness and support safer road use. Community grants will create opportunities that:

  • Allow community organisations to develop road safety projects in their local areas in partnership with other groups
  • Encourage safer road user behaviour and reduce road trauma
  • Contribute to achieving targets in the NSW Road Safety Plan 2021 for reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Community projects should align with the internationally recognised Safe System approach. This approach takes a holistic view of the road transport system and the interactions among the main components within the system. These include the road users, roads, roadsides, vehicles and travel speeds, which all have a role within the system to help keep people safe.


Grants of up to $5000 are available for road safety projects that involve community engagement. These projects should improve road safety awareness in local communities.

Larger grants of up to $30,000 are also available. Detailed project plans will need to be provided for these grants, showing expenditure, project stages and time frames.

How to apply

To apply for community road safety grant:

All proposals must be submitted using our online application form. The forms identify where any supporting documentation needs to be included.

Applications must be submitted by 4pm, Wednesday 15 December, 2021.

All applicants will be contacted in writing and advised of the outcome of the assessment. Successful applicants will be offered funding based on their application and must be willing to enter into a Funding Agreement with Transport for NSW.

Information for applicants

Guidelines for applicants (PDF, 117Kb)


Transport for NSW will fund NSW community based organisations. Applications for grants that may impact upon road infrastructure will be subject to approval by Transport for NSW or local councils before being granted.

Proposals need to demonstrate a road safety issue and propose an effective project concept to address the problem.

The following types of organisations are ineligible to apply:

  • Private businesses
  • Individuals
  • Research organisations
  • NSW Government departments
  • Local councils (TfNSW funds the Local Government Road Safety Program, where councils are able to apply for road safety projects)
  • Schools and early childhood services (TfNSW funds the Road Safety Education Program to support schools and early childhood services)
  • Organisations that present road safety programs to school students or children in early childhood services (TfNSW funds the Road Safety Education Program to support schools and early childhood services).

Funding is not available for:

  • Salary costs of staff to manage the project implementation
  • Purchase of assets such as vehicles, computers etc
  • Buying gifts for volunteers or participants
  • Projects to deliver off-road driver training
  • Projects to deliver defensive driver training
  • Overseas or interstate travel, accommodation and sundry personal expenses related to travel
  • Costs of products or activities which are the core business of the organisation
  • Infrastructure already managed by councils or TfNSW
  • Projects that already receive funding or sponsorship from TfNSW
  • Driver simulators (see Appendices of the guidelines)

Case studies

View community projects that received funding in previous rounds:

More details about other Round Six funded projects can be found in our complete list of Round Six successful applicants (PDF, 48Kb).

We can help

Contact our Community Road Safety Grants team:

Email: communityroadsafetygrants@transport.nsw.gov.au

Phone: (02) 8265 7372