Centre for Road Safety

The Clontarf Foundation (56 seconds)

[A car passes through a school zone, close-up of Trei Stewart as he drives the car.]

[Tyson Muscat, director, Cranebrook Clontarf Foundation.]

Tyson: At Clontarf we work with young Aboriginal and TI boys. We just like to support the boys just to help get their licences.

[Young men attend a training office, relax and play table tennis.]

Tyson: That means they can get to work, they can get to training, they can go see family. And that wouldn't have been made possible if it wasn't for this grant money.

[Close-up of student, Justin Pagget.]

Justin: I've learned a few things whilst having my licence. Obviously keeping distance from cars, going 40 km/h in a school zone.

[Close-up of student, Adam Cummins.]
Adam: Don't be an idiot on the road. You're putting your life out there and the other person, as well if there's people in your car.

[Separate shots of Trei Stewart driving a car.]

Tyson: Getting awarded a grant is really beneficial for Clontarf. They're going to have support on the road with their driving because a lot don't really have a lot of support at home.

[Close-up of Elex Swartz, partnerships manager NSW, Clontarf Foundation.]

Alex: My advice would be to just be clear and concise and have measurable goals that you think are achievable. And working with Transport for NSW as well in the grant application process because they’re really helpful and supportive.

Graphic: Apply for a community road safety grant, roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au

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