Centre for Road Safety

Partnership with councils

The Local Government Road Safety Program is our partnership with Roads and Maritime Services and participating local councils. The program has been revised to include more councils and raise the profile of road safety in NSW.

The program started in 1992 and has grown to include more than 80 councils. Most of these receive 50-50 funding for a Road Safety Officer, as well as funding for local road safety projects. Under the revised program (2014-2017), several councils have chosen to receive funding for projects only.

Action plans

Councils in the program support state-wide road safety initiatives and deliver projects to improve road safety for their local residents. They each develop a three-year action plan outlining all the programs, projects and activities they will deliver to address local road safety issues. Local projects are developed to target problems identified by councils through crash data, police information, council staff, community groups, businesses, schools and target groups.

More information

Crash and casualty statistics - LGA view includes the locations, characteristics and contributing factors in crashes across NSW in more than 150 LGAs.

The Transport for NSW website has more details on local government relations and the Local Government Road Safety Plan.