Centre for Road Safety

Safer future for all road users

The NSW Government has set an aspirational target of zero trauma on the transport network by 2056. It is committed to improving road safety and reducing lives lost and serious injuries through a range of short and long-term initiatives guided by the:

In February 2018 the NSW Government released the Road Safety Plan 2021 in response to the upward trend in the road toll. This plan built on the NSW Road Safety Strategy 2012-2021 and reprioritised our focus by setting out targeted and proven initiatives to be implemented by 2021.

The NSW Road Safety 2012-2021 was released in 2012 and supported by four plans for specific road user groups which have now been delivered:

NSW Road Safety Progress reports

The annual NSW Road Safety Progress reports detail the use and expenditure of the Community Road Safety Fund by the government to deliver commitments in the Road Safety Plan 2021 and improve road safety in NSW.

The Transport Administration Amendment (Community Road Safety Fund) Bill 2012 – Second Reading states a full account of income and expenditure of the fund will be produced each financial year.