Centre for Road Safety

Road to improvement

The NSW Government is committed to improving road safety for the community and plans to make our roads the safest in the country. The NSW Road Safety Strategy explains how to achieve this by 2021.

In 2011, we worked with the NSW Road Safety Advisory Council and the heavy vehicle industry to develop the strategy. “Working Towards Vision Zero” is a key part of the strategy, which aims to reduce the likelihood of crashes and the severity of those that occur.

The strategy has a target to reduce annual deaths and serious injuries by at least 30 per cent by 2021.

Strategy highlights:

  • Continue and expand targeted safety works via the NSW Safer Roads program
  • Elevate road safety across the design, construction and maintenance of the road network
  • Address serious injury trends and post-crash care and response
  • Increase involvement with local government
  • Focus on high-risk road users, including pedestriansbicycle ridersmotorcyclistsyounger and older road users
  • Highlight the need for greater respect and improved interactions among road users
  • Enforce road rules to ensure compliant and safe road users
  • Promote safer vehicles and better safety standards
  • Improve community involvement in road safety
  • Explore road safety technologies to reduce road trauma
  • Develop specific strategies to target key road user groups

Tell us what you think

 If you feel there are other issues that should be considered as part of our strategy, please send your concerns via our Contact us form.