Centre for Road Safety

Safer walking

Our Pedestrian Safety Action Plan has been developed using evidence based on research and road safety data. The plan supports the goals of the NSW Road Safety Strategy 2012-2021 to reduce deaths and serious injuries by at least 30 per cent.

With little to protect them, pedestrians face a higher risk of injury or death in a crash. In 1960 there was a peak of 367 pedestrian deaths, making up more than a third of all road deaths in NSW that year.

In 2013, 42 pedestrians were killed on NSW roads. Our plan includes actions to:

  • Trial new countdown timers on busy Sydney, Parramatta and Chatswood CBD streets
  • Develop pedestrian friendly signal phasing so that default green lights are installed in high pedestrian activity areas
  • Finish targeted safety work under the Safer Roads Program at high risk pedestrian locations
  • Continue to target illegal pedestrian and motorist behaviour with the Motorcycle Response Teams operating in Parramatta and the Sydney CBD