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Centre for Road Safety

Be Bus Aware - Flashing Lights (38 seconds)

[Animation shows a bus on a four-lane urban street. Double unbroken white lines mark the centre of the road. The bus travels in the left lane, indicates left and halts at a bus stop where many people wait.]

Narrator: Buses use signs and flashing wig wag lights to warn drivers that they are picking up or setting down school children.

[As the bus stops, two yellow lights on the back of the bus flash.]

Narrator: The lights begin to flash when the bus stops and the doors are opened, and they keep flashing for about 30 seconds after the doors close and the bus moves off.

[Cars pass the bus from both directions. A blue car brakes and slows down to 40km/h as it approaches the back of the bus]

Narrator: By law you must not drive past the bus in the same direction at more than 40km/h while the lights are flashing as there may be children crossing or about to cross the road.

[Animation shows flashing lights on the front of the bus as it is picking up passengers at the bus stop. A car approaching the front of the bus brakes and slows down to 40km/h as it travels past the stationary bus.]

Narrator: Wig wag lights also flash on the front of buses reminding drivers that there may be children crossing or about to cross the road.

[As the bus moves away from the bus stop, the lights continue to flash.]

End credits:; Towards Zero logo; NSW Government Transport for NSW logo.

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Bus Safety, Be Bus Aware - 1 minute, 23 seconds

[Close-up of a man in a tree-lined street. A traffic light turns from red to green as the man jogs along the footpath.]

Soft background music plays.

Voice-over: How many people can say that they're responsible for hundreds of people's welfare every day?

[A woman chooses a file from a rack in an office and walks off.]

Voice-over: Oh, it's a big responsibility, but I don't take risks. Passengers are our cargo and we have to look after them.

[A man in a flouro vest walks toward a bus at a depot. A woman does the same.]

Caption: John Pukler

[Close-up of a man in a bus.]

Voiceover: I’m John, and I’m a bus driver.

Caption: Lorraine Griffiths

[Close-up of a woman in a bus.]

Voiceover: I’m Lorraine, and I’m a bus driver.

[Close-up of a bus stop sign.]

John: Bus drivers have close calls every day.

[Close-up shows a Bronte 440 bus.]

[Commuters are shown boarding buses.]

John: A large challenge of my job is having to anticipate many variables that could happen at any time.]

[Lorraine drives off in a bus.]

Lorraine: Cars cutting in front of heavy vehicles such as buses, is very dangerous.

Graphic: Buses can’t stop quickly

[View through the windscreen as the bus travels down a suburban street.]

[Lorraine inside the bus.]

Lorraine: Makes it very hard for us to pull up safely.]

[John inside a bus.]

John: My customers need to hold the handrails at all times.

[Commuters at a bus stop board a bus.]

John: Because if I have to make a sudden braking movement, they could fall and do themselves serious harm.

[Shot of handrails inside bus.]

Graphic: Hold onto handrails

[A bus approaches a city bus stop.]

John: When you exit my bus, please wait till I depart.

[The bus drives off. Close-up of pedestrian crossing button at  traffic lights.]

Graphic: Follow the rules and cross with care

John: And find a safe place to cross the road.

Lorraine inside a bus: We’re a longer vehicle and need motorists to understand that it can take two lanes to make a turn, or go around a roundabout.]

[Close-up of front of bus showing left-hand indicator, then rear of bus showing Give Way sign.]

John inside a bus: The biggest challenge with cyclists is that they’re very difficult to see.

[Shot of Lorraine’s reflection in rear vision mirror as she drives a bus.]

John: Unfortunately with a heavy vehicle, we have blind spots.

[Shot of bus side mirror showing view to the rear; shot of bicycle leaning against a wall.]

Graphic: Bike riders, take care around buses

[Lorraine is served a coffee in a cafe.]

Lorraine: Because I do a local route, I know a lot of the passengers.

[Shot of Lorraine inside a bus, shot of a swimmer’s feet before diving into a pool.]

Lorraine: And they’re just like my family.

[Swimmers shown in a pool lanes as John watches drinking a coffee.]

John: Your loved ones are our responsibility.

John inside a bus: So please be bus aware, so we can get them home safely.

End credits: Be Bus Aware, Be safe on and around buses, Bus Safety Week logo,, Towards Zero logo, NSW Government Transport for NSW logo.


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