Centre for Road Safety

How sorry will you be?

Our interactive video puts you in the passenger seat of a speeding car, where you choose what happens next.

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Slowing down saves lives

Speed is the biggest killer on NSW roads, causing about 40 per cent of road deaths each year. Speeding is seen to be more socially acceptable than drink driving, even though it claims many more lives on NSW roads.

“How sorry will you be?” continues our Don’t Rush campaign, featuring Dr Brian Owler, president of the Australian Medical Association. The new Don’t Rush message encourages passengers to tell speeding drivers to slow down. You can’t predict what’s ahead and speeding increases the risk of crashing. If you don’t ask the driver to slow down, you could be sorry later. If you’re in a car with a speeding driver, speak up and tell them to slow down – you may never get a second chance to.


  • Reinforce the consequences of speed-related crashes and their impact on the wider community
  • Reinforce the importance of speed compliance among all drivers, especially males
  • Encourage community vigilance among peer groups to speak out against others who break the road rules


The campaign targets males aged 17 to 49, who are most frequently involved in fatal speed-related crashes.


The “How sorry will you be?” message is delivered to NSW drivers through:

  • Online TV
  • Digital banner ads
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Radio advertising