Centre for Road Safety

Dr Owler

Graphic: Dr. Brian Owler, Neurosurgeon, Westmead Hospital

[Dr Owler is shown inside a hospital operating theatre, dressed in medical scrubs. He reads some questions from a clipboard.]

Dr Owler: These holidays I have a few questions for you. Would you rather: (A) Miss the start of the footy?

Or (B) Run a red light, T-bone another car and give your mate brain damage?

Dr Owler: Should you: (A) Arrive a few minutes into the film?

Or (B) Rush, lose control in the rain and snap your girlfriend’s spine?

[Close-up of Doctor Owler.]

Dr Owler: Too often I see the trauma when drivers get it wrong. Choose wisely.

Credits: These holidays, Don’t rush. NSW Government, Australian Medical Association

Voice-over: Authorised by the NSW Government, Sydney.

Credits:  Authorised by the NSW Government, Sydney. Spoken by Dr B. Owler.


James Archer

Graphic: Lana Mercer

[Lana Mercer, a woman in her thirties, sits on a lounge as she talks to the camera. Her face expresses sadness.]

Lana Mercer: Well, I wish this didn’t happen to my brother.

Graphic: James Archer

[Close-up of James Archer. His face shows regret and despair.]

James Archer: I wish I never put my family through it all.

Lana: I wish that he could be active like he was.

James: I wish I wasn’t in constant pain.

Lana: I just wish that he could be healthy.

James: I really wish that I hadn’t been going so bloody fast.

Lana: And I wish that I didn’t worry about him.

[We see a wide shot of James sitting in his kitchen. His right leg has been amputated above the knee and he wears a prosthetic limb.]

Graphic: Speed crash survivor, May 1996

Lana: Because he’s older and he’s supposed to worry about me.

Graphic: We wish we didn’t have to show these ads.

Credits: Don’t rush. NSW Government, Australian Medical Association.