Centre for Road Safety

[A car is travelling along a suburban road. From the driver’s perspective, we see a large oncoming truck pass the car.]

[A male driver hears the notification sound on his mobile phone and looks away from the road to read a text message. His mobile phone is resting in a compartment near the gearshift in the car's centre console. While driving, he picks up the phone and begins texting to reply to the message.]

[Close up on the phone we see the driver has typed ‘How far away r u?’]

[We now see the car’s speedometer reach 60km/h.]

Narrator: At 60 kilometres per hour…

[A female driver now hears a text notification, looks away from the road to pick up her mobile phone from the passenger seat and begins to text a reply.]

Narrator: …if you look at your phone while driving…

[Close up on the female driver’s mobile in her hand. We see her type ‘2 secs’.]

Narrator: …for just two seconds…

[The female driver fails to look up to see that the traffic lights are changing from green to orange.]

Narrator: …you travel 33 metres…

[The female driver now has a blindfold covering her eyes as she uses her phone.]

Narrator: …blind.

[The female driver, still blindfolded, fails to stop at the red traffic lights and travels through the intersection.]

[Brakes screech and a crash sounds.]

Narrator: And that could cost you, or those you care about…

[Screen goes black.]

Narrator: …everything.

Graphics and narrator: It's not worth it. Get your hand off it; Know the rules, visit mobilephoneroadrules.com.au.

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