Centre for Road Safety

Speeding affects more than just you. Slow Down

[A father and mother stand with their two young children on a footpath alongside a road on a suburban street. Their faces show expressions of concern and anguish.]

Narrator: The neighbours that saw.

[The camera zooms out as a paramedic steps into the foreground.]

Narrator: The paramedic who helped.

[The camera continues to zoom out and as a doctor in green scrubs joins the paramedic and family lined up along the street.]

Narrator: The doctor who tried.

[The camera zooms out further to show a nurse dressed in blue scrubs.]

Narrator: The nurse who consoled.

[As the camera zooms out further, a woman dressed in a black suit joins the other characters lined up along the footpath.]

Narrator: The coroner who examined the body.

[A woman and young boy holding flowers walk into view. The woman holds the boy’s shoulders to comfort him.]

Narrator: The wife who cried.

[The boy walks towards a power pole and places the flowers at its base.]

Narrator: The son who lost a dad.

[The camera angle shifts to reveal a fixed speed camera near the power pole. As this happens, the people on the footpath disappear from view. A car drives past the speed camera.]

Narrator: The speed camera that helped prevent it all. Slow Down.

[End credits: Speed cameras help reduce fatalities. Slow Down. NSW Government. Transport for NSW]

Voice over: Authorised by the NSW Government Sydney.

[End credits: Authorised by NSW Government Sydney. Spoken by L Bailey.]

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