Centre for Road Safety

Mistakes (1 minute)

[Two cars approach each other at an intersection on a country road.]

[The driver at the stop sign pulls out onto the highway in front of an oncoming car. The driver of the oncoming vehicle applies his brakes firmly as he sees the mistake.]

[Time freezes]

[Both drivers look in disbelief before getting out of their vehicles to approach each other]

Driver 1: Mate, I'm so sorry, I thought there was time.
[Mid shot of Driver 1.]
[He speaks in an apologetic tone.]

Driver 2: You just pulled out, I didn't have time to stop
[Mid shot of Driver 2]

Driver 1: Oh come on mate, it was a simple mistake
[Mid shot of Driver 1]

Driver 2: I know, if I was going a bit slower…
[Mid shot of Driver 2.]
[Both drivers turn as the speeding car creeps forward]

Driver 1: Please, I've got my boy in the back
[Close up of Driver 1 as he pleads with Driver 2 to change the outcome]
[Camera focuses on the boy in the back seat of the car]

Driver 2: I'm going too fast… I'm sorry
[Both drivers realise that the outcome cannot be change and get back into their cars]

[Driver 1 looks at his speedometer which shows he is going to fast]

[Driver 2 looks at his son in the back of the car]

[Close up of the boy in the back of the car]

[Mid shot of Driver 1 with the oncoming car approaching in the background]

[Wipes to black screen]

End frame: Other people make mistakes. Slow down.

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