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Centre for Road Safety

The road is no place for excuses (1 minute)

[A worksite shows scaffolding on the side of a house in a rural area.]

[A weary tradesman lifts a bucket of tools into the back of a ute. He drops his keys from his pocket and bends to pick them up from the paved driveway.]

[A younger tradesman closes the back door of the ute.]

[The two tradesmen are shown in the cab fastening their seatbelts.]

Younger tradesman : Long day mate?

[The older tradesman sighs wearily as he starts the ute.]

Older tradesman: Yeah, but she’ll be right.

[An aerial shot shows a van travelling along a country road. Suddenly a speeding car approaches from behind and overtakes the van.]

[The driver of the van sees the car speed past.]

[We see a couple inside the car. The female passenger looks with disapproval at the male driver, who dismisses her concern.]

Driver (as voice-over): Yeah, but he was crawling.

[A stationwagon screeches to a halt, overshooting a Stop sign at a T intersection.]

[The driver shakes his head in frustration.]

Driver (as voiceover): Yeah, but I never miss this sign.

[A four-wheel-drive speeds along a country road. A close-up of the speedo shows more than 120km/h.]

[A close-up of the driver shows he seems unconcerned about speeding.]

Driver (as voiceover): Yeah, but there’s never anyone on these roads.

[A father is shown leaving a barbecue at a friend’s house. He carries one daughter and leads another by the hand as he puts them in his car. He looks as if he is a little worried about driving.]

Father (as voiceover): Yeah I’ve had a few, but I’ve got to get the kids home.

[We return to the tradesman in the ute, travelling along a tree-lined country road as the shadows lengthen in the late afternoon. A close-up shows the younger tradesman looking out the passenger side window, while the driver blinks wearily and struggles to keep his eyes open.]

[As the driver falls asleep at the wheel, the younger tradesman realises the ute is veering off the road and reaches across to wake him.]

[The driver wakes suddenly, panics and pulls hard at the steering wheel to try and get the ute back on the road, as it skids out of control from side to side.]

Graphic: The road is no place for excuses.

[Crash scene shows the ute on its side, with tools scattered across the road.]

Graphic: Locals are dying on our roads.

End credits: NSW Government,, Towards Zero

Graphic: Locals are dying on our roads. Our mates.

Graphic: Locals are dying on our roads. Our families.

Graphic: Locals are dying on our roads. Us.

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