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Centre for Road Safety

Our Bicycle Safety ‘Share the road’ campaign reminds bicycle riders and motorists of their mutual responsibility when sharing the road, demonstrating the behaviour required to ensure their safety.


Since 2005, 173 bike riders have been killed on NSW roads, and more than 29,000 have been seriously injured. Annually, this represents approximately 2.7 per cent of NSW road fatalities and 17 per cent of serious injuries.

About two thirds of fatalities occur in metro/outer metro areas (Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong).


It takes changed behaviour from drivers as well as riders to look out for each other. The campaign strategically targets both bicycle riders and motorists through:

  1. Educating road users of ways they can keep themselves and others safe on the road.
  2. Humanising both bicycle riders and motorists to break down the current barriers that make it difficult for the two groups to empathise with each other.



Males 40-59 years are over-represented in serious injuries, while males 60 years+ are over-represented in road deaths.

Main messages


  • Always keep an eye out for bike riders
  • Regularly check your mirrors and blind spots for bike riders.



  • Always wear a brightly coloured helmet and clothing so other road users can see you easily
  • Indicate clearly by using hand signals about 30 metres before you turn, change lanes or change lane position. Making a hand signal does not guarantee your safety. Always assess the actions of other road users around you to make sure it is safe before turning or changing lanes.


The campaign message is delivered to NSW drivers and bicycle riders through:

  • Digital video advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Digital and social advertising