Centre for Road Safety

Move over for approaching emergency vehicles (30 seconds)

(Music plays and sirens)

[A fire truck with lights flashing moves through a busy cuty intersection. A second fire truck follows close by.]

[A NSW Ambulance officer speaks as he stands beside an ambulance with flashing lights.]

Ambulance officer: When you see the flashing lights and hear a siren, please don’t panic, move safely and carefully over to the left hand side.

[Close-ups show the blue and red lights of emergency vehicles.]

[two Fire and Rescue officers are shown in front of a Fire and Rescue truck.]

Fire and Rescue officer: So that we can make safe passage through  and respond toour job as quickly as possible so we can help the community.

[More close-ups show the blue and red lights of emergency vehicles.]

[A police officer stands in front of a higway patrol vehicle with flashing red and blue lights parked on the side of a rural road.]

Police officer: It’s important to realise that emergency vehicles could be going to a life or death situation.

[A highway patrol car with flashing red and blue lights travels along a road in a built-up area.]

Police officer: So please when you see moving emergency vehicles with lights and sirens give way to them.

(Music plays)

Graphic: Give way to approaching emergency vehicles with flashing lights or sirens

Logos: NSW Government/Towards Zero

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