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Are you looking out for us?

Some workplaces are more dangerous than others. This Transport for NSW video features a motorist broken down, personnel from NSW Police, Fire & Rescue NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, NSW State Emergency Service, the Ambulance Service of NSW and the NRMA.

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Motorists need to keep an eye out for situations where people could be in danger near the road and ensure they give them room. Slow down and give them space.



“Our NRMA roadside patrols know firsthand the very real danger that exists to themselves and the people they are assisting when they are called to a breakdown on the side of the road. The risk is multiplied if the road they are working on is a high-speed one. Drawing attention to the occupational risks faced by many workers just doing their job by the roadside is a positive step in protecting their well-being.”

NRMA Sydney Roadside Patrols


Fire & Rescue NSW

“Unfortunately every year Fire & Rescue NSW attends dozens of serious road accidents where fire officers have to rescue people trapped in wrecked vehicles, many suffering horrific injuries. Please slow down, drive carefully, and take plenty of breaks.”

Fire & Rescue NSW


NSW Police Force

“Every day, NSW Police need to work in the active road space, whether it’s pulling people over, assisting in crashes or directing traffic. It’s not a safe space to work in but it’s necessary that we do, so please slow down and give us space.”

NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol


State Emergency Service

“NSW SES volunteers provide vital assistance to NSW communities in times of storms, floods and other emergencies and this sort of campaign will help our members get on with that work safely. Keeping our people safe is just as important for us as keeping our communities safe, so please look out for NSW SES volunteers when you’re travelling.”


Ambulance Service of NSW

"Paramedics across the state spend time treating patients on the road dozens of times a day; our message is simple – help us help you. Slow down so paramedics can safely help those in need.”

NSW Ambulance Service

Roads and Maritime Services

"We're looking after you, are you looking after us?"
"Slow down and give us space."