Centre for Road Safety

Young boy secured in a child car seat; Scott Cam being filmed by a camera.

Saving young lives

Children are counting on us to make sure they are safe around cars. Many children are killed or injured in car crashes every year. Some of these deaths and injuries could be prevented by using the right kind of child car seats and making sure that children are safe around driveways.

Safety in the car

'They're counting on you' encourages the correct use of child car seats and raises awareness that many seats are not fitted correctly.

The campaign started in June 2014 to support the launch of our new Child Car Seats website, where parents and carers can compare more than 200 different types of seats and find Authorised Restraint Fitting Stations.

The Wiggles have released a catchy song, helping to remind all little passengers and their parents that everyone needs to be buckled up correctly every time they get in the car.

Safety around driveways

Children are also counting on you for driveway safety. We have joined with TV personality Scott Cam and the Georgina Josephine Foundation in a new campaign to provide sensible driveway safety advice for parents, carers, drivers and residents. Our new video also includes tips on home design to help reduce the risk of a driveway tragedy.