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Centre for Road Safety

[Inside a busy household, a mother rushes around the kitchen to get her two children ready for school.]

Mother: C’mon guys – We’re late again. The bell goes in 20 minutes!

Boy: Can, I take my telescope to kindy?

Mother: No, Ms Jones said no toys at school.

[The children’s grandfather packs fruit inside a schoolbag.]

[The boy’s older sister picks her schoolbag up from the floor and leaves the room. The mother sees that the boy has only put on one of his shoes.]

Mother: Put the other shoe on and take this brush, you can do your hair in the car.

[The mother looks for her wallet.]

Mother: Where is it?

[The mother is handed her wallet.]

Mother: Oh thank you.

Grandfather: Let’s help mummy.

[The grandfather helps the boy pack his bag and put on his shoe.]

Mother: Oh, for goodness sake.

[She sees her mobile phone is on the floor and picks it up.]

Mother: Dad, can you bring his bag please.

Grandfather: Yeah, yeah.

Mother: Hurry up, lets go!

[She leaves the room.]

Grandfather: Right for school mate.

Mother: Dad!

Grandfather: Yep.

The grandfather waves goodbye to the boy with a salute.
Grandfather: See you soldier.

[The kitchen is all quiet. The grandfather breaths a sigh of relief and sits at a table.]

[His granddaughter smiles at him from across the table, where she sits with her drink. She is of preschool age and wears a pink cardigan.]

[The grandfather puts on his glasses to read a newspaper.]

The little girl picks up a soft white rabbit toy from the table and walks past her grandfather. He is distracted by the newspaper and does not see her leave.]

[The mother is shown at the door, leaving the house with her two older children. They carry their schoolbags to the car and squabble over who gets into the back seat first.]

Girl: Me first.

Boy: Too slow.

[As the mother rushes out of the house, she fumbles with the car keys and leaves the door open behind her.]

[The little girl runs down the hallway and out through the front door.]

[The mother walks around the front of the car to get in the driver’s side door.]

[The brother and sister in the back seat of the car fight over a book.]

Girl: Don’t touch my stuff.

Boy: Mum!

[As the mother puts on her seatbelt she notices a stain on her top.]

Mother: Oh, really.

[The little girl pushes a doll in a pram along the garden path towards the car. We hear the car start.]

[The mother puts the car into gear and a reverse beep sounds. She checks the rear vision mirror and starts reversing.]

[As she hears the sound of a crunching noise under the wheels, there is panic on the mother’s face.]

Mother: No.

[She stops the car and pulls on the handbrake.]

[The mother opens the door and runs around to the back of the car, where she sees the doll and toy pram crushed under the wheel.]

[The little girl is standing close by, sucking one of her toy rabbit’s ears. The mother runs to the little girl, picks her up and hugs her tightly.]

[The grandfather runs out of the house.]

Mother: I thought you had her!

Grandfather: I did.

[Scott Cam is in the driveway with the family in the background.]

Scott Cam: It’s that easy. Lose focus for just a few seconds and a terrible tragedy can happen.

[We now see a recording from April 2012 of a baby girl in a toy plastic chair.]

Scott Cam voice over: Each year children are injured and lose their lives in driveways.

Peter Cockburn voice over: I went to reverse my trailer into my garage…

[Close-up of Peter Cockburn, of the Georgina Josephine Foundation.]

Peter Cockburn: And felt a bump and realised I ran over my little girl.

[We see a framed photo of the baby girl, Georgina Cockburn.]

Scott Cam: Driveway safety is an issue for everyone. Tradies, mums, dads, grandparents and friends.

[We now see how the family should safely leave the house. The mother is inside the house with her son and older daughter. They organise their bags and leave the house together after the mother unlocks the door. She holds her son’s hand.]

Scott Cam voice over: Keep our kids safe by supervising them, separating them from the driveway and the car when you aren’t there.

[We see the grandfather safely holding his young granddaughter as she says bye-bye to her mother and siblings in the car, waving her toy rabbit in the air.]

[A close-up shows a child proof lock, with the young boy unable to open the door.]

Scott Cam voice over: Secure any access points to a driveway or garage with child proof locks.

[We see a home with steel fence barriers showing vertical and horizontal designs that provide high visibility. We also see a timber fence across a driveway, with gaps between the palings to allow extra visibility.]

Scott Cam voice over: When you are building or renovating, design your driveway and fences to allow high visibility, driving in or out.

[Close-up shows Scott Cam.]

Scott Cam: Don’t let your kids play in driveways.

[We see the grandfather pick up his granddaughter outside the door of the house.]

Scott Cam voice over: Keep your kids close any time you are in a driveway – whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

[We see the mother supervising her son and daughter as they get into the back of the car.]

Scott Cam voice over: It’s about seeing where they are – at all times.

[The mother is shown walking around the back of the car. She checks that the yard and driveway are clear before getting in to the driver’s seat.]

Scott Cam: Make sure your children are safe. They’re counting on you.

Graphic: 1 Supervise.

Scott Cam: Supervise.

Graphic: 2 Separate.

Scott Cam: Separate.

Graphic: 3 See.

Scott Cam: See.

[We see an image of Georgina Josephine Cockburn.]

Graphic: Georgina Josephine Cockburn, 12th January 2010 – 16th April 2011.

End credits: NSW Government, Transport for NSW, Georgina Josephine Foundation.

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