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Double Demerits - Think Twice (30 seconds)

[A car is pulled over on the side of the road by a Highway Patrol police car. The driver looks worriedly in a side mirror as a police officer approaches his car.]

Police Officer 1: Sir, you're going too fast.

[A second police officer appears. He is an exact double of the first.]

Police officer 2: Sir, you’re going too fast

Police Officer 1 & 2: Licence, please.

[The driver hands his licence over to the first police officer, while the second police officer speaks into his radio to request a licence check.]

Narrator: Double demerits come into force this holiday period.

[The driver looks anxiously into his rear view mirror as the police officers walk around inspecting his car.]

Narrator: Which means, if you're caught speeding, using a mobile phone illegally or not wearing a seatbelt or helmet, you're in for double the consequences.

[The officers finish inspecting the car and move back towards the driver’s window]

Narrator: And lost points can quickly add up to a lost licence.

[The driver looks worriedly at the police officer]

Narrator: So, with double demerits these holidays, think twice.

[End credits: Double Demerits, NSW Government, Transport for NSW]

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