Centre for Road Safety

[Inside a busy pub, two young men sitting at a table are drinking beer. The first man is laughing loudly. There is a lot of background noise from the other patrons. The second man picks up his glass of beer and asks his mate a question.]

Second man: So are you driving?

[The first man is silent as he thinks about the question. Chimes play, then an up tempo boogie song starts playing. He imagines a range of situations to avoid driving. These include getting into a Plan B branded cab and waiting late at night at a Plan B bus stop, where he sits near a young couple kissing.]

Song lyrics: Work your body

[The man next imagines himself waiting alone at a train station. The station is named Plan B and the man sits on a Plan B timber bench as a Plan B train approaches.]

[A train horn sounds.]

[The man imagines he has fallen asleep on his mate’s couch  Coloured cushions with letters spell out Plan B. His mate tosses a doona over him.]

[A fanfare of brass sounds as the man imagines being carried from the pub on a golden throne by about 10 young blonde women. They all wear short gold skirts and their leader carries a Plan B standard.]

[The man imagines he is outside the pub wearing a helmet and being loaded into a large carnival style canon with Plan B painted on the side in bright colours. To the sound of wild carnival style laughter, a little person winds the Plan B canon higher into the air as the man’s head pokes out of the top of the canon.]

[The man next imagines he is back in the pub inside a teleporter. He stands inside a clear plastic tube with lights on the top and bottom, pushes the Plan B button and braces himself, but nothing happens. He pushes the button again.]

Narrator: Some Plan Bs are smarter than others.

[A beer is picked up from a coaster that reads: If you’re drinking, don’t drive.]

Narrator: If you’re drinking, don’t drive.

[Another coaster is thrown on top of the first. It reads: RBT means you need a Plan B.]

Narrator: RBT means you need a Plan B.

[The man walks home on a footpath late at night. The soundtrack features an electric guitar riff. The man smiles to himself as he sees a passing car pulled over by a police random breath testing unit.]

Narrator: Authorised by the New South Wales Government, Sydney.

[End credits: Authorised by the New South Wales Government, Sydney. Spoken by A Twigg, A Jarrett, M Lira.]

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