Centre for Road Safety

Stop it... or cop it (30 seconds)

[Up-tempo music plays]

[A rapid series of close-ups, starting with an older man, show male and female drivers of different ages being stopped by the police. Police car lights flash in the background. All the drivers show frustration and disappointment at being pulled over by the police.]

[The drivers of the different vehicles have been stopped on many types of roads, including city and suburban streets, rural areas and multi-lane roads. Although most are shown in daylight, some drivers have been stopped at night.]

Narrator: Over 16,500 NSW police are out there.

[Rapid shots show an officer as he steps out of the police car and walks towards each of the drivers. Although the officer and patrol car remain constant in each of the shots, the drivers and their vehicles, and street locations change in quick succession.]

[The police officer is shown approaching in the side mirror.]

Narrator: And police vehicles can enforce the road rules, anywhere, anytime.

[Another series of close-ups shows worry and regret on the drivers' faces as the officer walks up to their vehicles. One of the drivers, who is not wearing a seatbelt, slyly buckles up.]

Narrator: So if you drink and drive, speed, don’t wear a seatbelt, take illegal drugs and drive or hold your phone while driving.

Graphic: Stop it…Or cop it. NSW Government logo, Towards Zero logo.

Narrator: You can Stop it…or Cop it.

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