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‘Sharing the Main Street’ refers to adapting the main street - or centre along a sub-arterial road - to improve the safety and the quality of the road environment to all its users.
Main streets of rural towns, and most sub-arterial roads, not only perform a traffic function, but also provide access to the activities along their frontage. Increased traffic has accentuated two major problems. Firstly, the priority in the traffic function is impeded by the activities along the frontage. Also, the activities along the frontage suffer from the impact of traffic noise, vehicular pollution and access issues.
Environmental adaptation aims to resolve these problems by clarifying the relationship between the road and frontage activity problems and by formulating and implementing proposals to reduce conflicts between them.
The purpose of the ‘Sharing the Main Street Practitioners Guide’ is to provide information on the principles of environmental adaptation and how they can be applied in a wide range of situations. The Guide has been structured as a practical guide to planning, design and implementation of main street proposals, and is presented in the following parts:

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