Centre for Road Safety

A vehicle crash is a violent and rapid event usually occurring in less than half a second. The loads and forces that result in serious occupant injury often occur in the first one-tenth of a second. Measurements and data generated from the dummies in a crash test have to be captured rapidly.

Instant measurements

Crashlab uses data acquisition systems that capture data at 20,000 samples per second from multiple sensors and high speed video cameras recording events at a rate of 1000 frames per second. These sampling rates allow Crashlab to obtain the necessary details to determine potential occupant injury.

The high-impact resistant data-acquisition system rides in the vehicle along with the crash test dummies during the crash. The data acquisition systems used at Crashlab are the leading European and US systems used by the international motor industry. Using industry-leading equipment provides Crashlab clients with confidence in the integrity of the data captured during testing.

Crashlab can accommodate complex vehicle crash tests, with more than 256 channels of on-board data acquisition and 19 high-speed video cameras. These cameras include four ultra compact “lipstick” cameras that record events in confined spaces, such as under seats and in foot wells.

Crashlab’s data acquisition systems and camera inventory includes the following products.

A rack of European electronic data sensors.

160 channels of Kayser Threde “Mini-DAU” (Europe).

A rack of US made electronic data sensors.

96 channels of TDAS Pro (USA).

A high speed camera.

11 x Weinberger “Visario G2” 1536 x 1024 @1,000 fps

4 x Weinberger “MacroVis” 1280 x 1024 @ 1000fps

Miniature high speed camera.

4 x NAC Memrecam “lipstick” 512 x 384 @ 500fps