Centre for Road Safety

High standards

Crashlab's Test Laboratory was established in 1970. It continues to contribute to the development of Australian Standards and Design Rules for its major areas of operation.

The test laboratory supports the technical contribution to the development and improvement of Australian Standards and Australian Design Rules in the areas of seatbelts, child restraints, helmets (pedal cycle and motorcycle), bus seats, wheelchair restraints and vehicle occupant protection in frontal, side and rear impacts.

The test laboratory maintains comprehensive National Association of Testing Authorities, Australian accreditation for compliance and product testing to Australian Standards and Australian Design Rules.

Capabilities include:

  • Dynamic sled testing of child restraints, seatbelts, car/bus/ferry/aircraft seats and wheelchair restraints
  • Testing of helmets (motorcycle, pedal cycle and equestrian)
  • Harness testing (industrial/sporting harness and fall arrest devices)
  • Accident investigation of safety equipment from vehicle crashes

Crashlab's test laboratory offers a comprehensive sled testing program to cover research and development, compliance and production batch testing requirements.

For commercial test enquiries, please email chris.gianopoulos@rms.nsw.gov.au