Centre for Road Safety

This video shows how our trial of new technology allows drivers to receive safety messages about upcoming hazards. Read a transcript.

Australia's largest C-ITS project

The Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative (CITI) is  Australia’s first C-ITS testing facility. Based in the Illawarra region of NSW, the trial has fitted C-ITS technology to:

  • 60 trucks
  • 11 public buses
  • 52 light vehicles
  • 1 motorcycle
  • 7 traffic signal sites
  • 1 roadside unit located in a rest area
  • 3 roadside units elsewhere
  • 1 railway level crossing

Safety broadcasts

Drivers in participating vehicles see the following messages:

  • Intersection collision warning
  • Harsh braking ahead warning
  • Red light alert when light is red or amber
  • Speed limit information
  • Level crossing warning.

More details can be found in our CITI Project fact sheets:

CITI Light Vehicle Study

CITI has been expanded to include up to 50 light passenger vehicles. The study will investigate the potential safety benefits and user friendliness of the system.

More information

Please contact the CITI team for more details.

Email: CITI.Support@transport.nsw.gov.au


CITI was established with contributions from the Australian Government and CSIRO’s Data61.