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CITI trial expanded

The Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative (CITI) has been expanded to include up to 50 light passenger vehicles. This study aims to assess the safety benefits of vehicles communicating with other vehicles on the road.

Vehicles in the study have been fitted with a Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) device that can communicate with other vehicles or roadside infrastructure (such as traffic lights) also fitted with a C-ITS device.

Drivers will receive audio and visual alerts on a small screen installed on the dashboard if there is a situation that may be dangerous, such as the possibility of a crash with another vehicle. Drivers will also be alerted to a red light on approach to traffic lights fitted with C-ITS.

Drivers may receive three types of C-ITS alerts:

Intersection collisionHarsh breaking aheadRed light alert
Shows threat from left or rightActs as electronic brake lightLight is red or amber


Drivers who have a child attending school in the Wollongong area and drive to and/or from school at least three times a week, or who live in the area and drive to/from/through the CBD at least three times a week, were invited to participate in this study. Recruiting participants who drive in the area increases the likelihood connected vehicles will come into contact with each other. This allows a greater understanding of how connected vehicles interact and how their drivers respond to C-ITS alerts.



As part of the CITI Light Vehicle Study, equipment was installed in participant's vehicles from March 2018. The equipment remains in each vehicle for about 10 months. After installation, for the first half of the trial, data will be recorded but no alerts will be issued, to establish a baseline behaviour pattern. This will be followed by a period where the C-ITS alerts are activated and data continues to be recorded.

Analysing results

Participants will be asked to complete surveys and may be invited to attend a focus group, where they will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences with the C-ITS device.  Data captured by the C-ITS device will be analysed to determine if there were any behavioural changes associated with receiving safety alerts during driving.

Ethics approval

The CITI Light Vehicle Study has received approval from the University of Wollongong Human Ethics Committee and the NSW Department of Education Human Ethics Committee.

More information

Email: CITI.Support@transport.nsw.gov.au

Telephone: 1300 679 472