Centre for Road Safety

Time travelling for road safety (1 minute, 22 seconds)

[On a black screen, a white title reads, "The Centre of Road Safety's Connected Vehicle Technology Trial." The logos for NSW Government and Towards Zero appear underneath. Over traffic streaming along a multilane highway, yellow and white words read, "Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative. CITI".]

VOICEOVER: Transport for NSW is running a trial of connected vehicle technology called the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative, or CITI.

[In animations depicting the voiceover, concentric circles pulse from vehicles and traffic lights. Sometimes exclamation marks appear as warnings of nearby traffic. The animations are intercut with real-life footage of traffic, including cars, busses, and vehicles waiting as a train moves through a rail crossing.]

VOICEOVER: As part of the trial, connected vehicles can communicate with each other and with roadside infrastructure such as traffic lights that are fitted with the same technology. Drivers can receive messages about upcoming hazards and road conditions before they may be visible, for instance, if the hazard is around a corner or over the crest of a hill. Drivers can also be alerted when the system detects a potential crash with another connected vehicle.

In the future, the technology could enable automated vehicles to communicate with each other and with roadside infrastructure directly, giving the vehicle more information to help make automated driving safer.

The trial covers thousands of kilometres of roads in NSW, primarily in the Illawarra region. So far, we've trialled the technology in trucks, buses, cars, traffic signals and level crossings.

[A man in a safety vest talks to a woman in a parked car. A round yellow and black chart is divided into quarters around a central circle. In the centre, text reads, "Towards Zero death and serious injury through a safe system. The quarters are labelled and contain matching icons - "Safe speeds," "Safe people," "Safe vehicles," "Safe roads". The "Safe vehicles" segment appears in the top right corner of footage of buses, cars, a rail crossing and a truck.]

VOICEOVER: Our world-leading research into connected vehicle technology is one of the ways we're harnessing the power of technology and applying a safe system approach to help achieve our road trauma reduction targets and the longer-term aspirational goal of zero trauma on our road network.

[In a logo the white words 'Towards Zero' run across a yellow ring. The NSW Government logo sits in the bottom left corner of the black screen.]

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