Centre for Road Safety

Volunteer for a safer future

You can take part in our new naturalistic driving study to help road safety experts develop new and innovative ways to prevent crashes on our roads.

Our Road Safety Technology team will work with the University of NSW and other institutions across Australia on the study, where cameras and sensors will be installed in about 360 vehicles in NSW and Victoria to capture data for about four months.

This will give road safety researchers a better understanding of driver behaviour, how people interact with their vehicle, the road environment and other road users. It will also provide crucial information on what happens before, during and after a crash or near miss.

Driver behaviour analysed

By participating in the study, you will help us to better understand exactly what goes on when people are behind the wheel and analyse the behaviours that are currently difficult to measure, such as driver distraction and fatigue.

Australia is joining road safety researchers around the world by using innovative studies to refine the latest road safety strategies, including crash avoidance technology.

By collecting data from hundreds of vehicles, researchers will be able to see from the driver’s perspective what is happening in and around their vehicle and how this influences their decisions.

How you can help

To sign up for the study or find out how it works, visit the University of NSW website Australian Naturalistic Driving Study.