Centre for Road Safety

Detecting the ‘silent killer’ on our roads

Driver fatigue is one of the big three killers on NSW roads. The Road Safety Technology team has used the SAFET1 research vehicle to test driver monitoring systems, which measure how tired a driver might be, as well as predicting their level of fatigue before a trip.

Monitoring drivers for fatigue

A driver’s level of tiredness can be monitored in a number of ways by using:

  • Cameras to monitor a driver’s eyelids and head position
  • Sensors built into the vehicle that can detect steering wheel movements and lane position
  • Wearable devices such as smart glasses and intelligent headbands or caps.

Predicting levels of fatigue

A driver’s level of tiredness can be predicted in a number of ways by using:

  • A diary to record sleeping hours
  • A wearable device like a smart watch or fitness band that measures movement or heartrate to understand the quality of sleep a driver has had before they start their trip
  • A calculator like Test Your Tired Self - Driver-fatigue test for NSW drivers.

More information

If you would like more information on fatigue testing that we have conducted, please email us at Road Safety Technology.