Centre for Road Safety

Exploring a safer future

We develop and research emerging road safety technologies, including intelligent safety systems such as GPS, wireless communications and video detection systems.

The Speed Adviser ISA smartphone app is designed to reduce speeding and save lives. The smartphone app provides free access to accurate speed zone information and warnings covering the NSW road network.

The naturalistic driving study will gather data from cameras and sensors in about 360 vehicles to help us develop new and innovative ways to prevent crashes on our roads.

Our FleetCAT trial involves 35 vehicles in the NSW state fleet to assess the safety benefits of collision avoidance technology systems.

At Road Safety Technology, we evaluate the potential of safety systems to reduce road trauma, including:

New concepts

If you have a technological concept that could help improve road safety, please send us details via our Application form (PDF, 322Kb) to have your idea assessed by our Road Safety Technology team.