Centre for Road Safety

A radio controlled flashing smart sign on the Monaro Highway near Bombala.

Early warning

A trial of radio controlled flashing signs in the Monaro region of south-eastern NSW aims to warn motorists of approaching logging trucks. Low visibility at the intersection of Mila Road and the Monaro Highway near Bombala makes it difficult for trucks to merge safely onto the highway. Many logging trucks travel from the large timber plantations nearby to the intersection, where fog often reduces visibility.

Infra-red device detects trucks

Smart signs have been developed using an infra-red traffic logger that can detect the size and type of vehicle travelling along Mila Road. When a large logging truck approaches the Monaro Highway, it triggers a laser sensor, which sends a radio signal to two ‘Trucks entering’ signs about 500 metres from the intersection.

Flashing lights warn motorists

The Smart signs on the highway then flash, giving motorists time to react and slow down to allow the heavy vehicle to merge safely. By working together with Forestry Cooperation for NSW and Bombala Shire Council, we have developed the truck detection system to warn traffic on the highway of approaching logging trucks.

The trial is supported by the South East Truck Safety Committee and is the first of its kind in NSW.