Centre for Road Safety

Fewer fatalities

Speeding increases the chances of a crash, as well as the likelihood of serious injury or death in a crash. Our research shows that speed cameras make drivers slow down, help reduce the road toll and lower the chances of having a crash. Our annual reviews show that speed cameras continue to improve road safety in NSW.

Only a minority of drivers are penalised, with about 99 per cent of motorists passing speed cameras untroubled. Revenue raised from speed cameras benefits all NSW road users, with funding going straight to road safety programs and initiatives.

Speed camera locations

All speed cameras in NSW are signposted and mobile speed camera vehicles are clearly marked.

Current locations lets you find the positions of all mobile, fixed and red-light speed cameras in NSW.

Our Average speed camera enforcement map shows the positions of all average speed zones.

On the Safer Roads NSW website, you can nominate where you think speed cameras should be positioned.

Speed camera types in NSW

Sign says Speed camera in use, school zone 40

Fixed speed cameras

Fixed speed cameras are used at high-risk locations such as tunnels or in areas with a history of severe crashes.

Sign: Mobile speed camera ahead

Mobile speed cameras

Mobile speed cameras provide anytime, anywhere enforcement and are used to improve safety at specific locations, as well as helping to reduce speeding across the whole network.

Signs: Red light speed camera ahead 60; Red light speed camera ahead school zone variable speed limit enforced

Red-light speed cameras

These cameras are installed to reduce crashes at high-risk intersections with traffic lights. Crashes at intersections are often more severe with drivers and passengers vulnerable to side-impacts, while pedestrians have no protection in a crash.

Sign: Average speed safety camera.

Average speed cameras

Measuring the average speed of vehicles over long distances, average speed cameras in NSW are only used to monitor the speed of heavy vehicles.

More information

The NSW Speed Camera Strategy has details of how we decide on the most effective types and locations of speed cameras.

The Average Speed Enforcement Fact Sheet has more details for heavy vehicle drivers.