Centre for Road Safety

Speed camera locations

Current locations lets you find the positions of all mobile, fixed and red-light speed cameras in NSW.

Our Average speed camera enforcement map shows the positions of all average speed zones, while our Average Speed Camera - Fact Sheet answers commonly asked questions.

Nominate speed camera locations and speed zones

On the Safer Roads NSW website, you can have your say on where you think speed cameras should be installed. You can also tell us if you think there are issues with speed limits and speed limit signs.

The information you provide, together with crash data and other road safety information, will help determine future speed camera locations. Your comments will also be used, with crash data and other road safety engineering information, to select roads that require a speed zone review.

You can also sign up for email updates about changes to speed camera locations and permanent speed limits in NSW. You will receive email updates when changes are scheduled to take effect in your selected region. The email updates may also link to other regions with changes.

App helps manage speed

Our Speed Adviser smartphone app is designed to reduce speeding and save lives. The app can help you stay safe and under the speed limit by providing free access to accurate speed zone information and warnings across the NSW road network.

More information

For further details relating to Transport for NSW enforcement cameras, please contact the Camera Enquiry Line on 1300 782 230 (available 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday) or email Compliance.Operations@transport.nsw.gov.au