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Centre for Road Safety

Focus on results

As part of the NSW Auditor-General’s recommendation to provide the community with information on the road safety impact of speed cameras, we monitor the effectiveness of all speed cameras in NSW.

Annual speed camera reviews systematically evaluate all speed cameras to ensure they continue to have a positive effect on driver behaviour and help reduce crashes. Speed cameras that do not appear to be effective will be reviewed and removed if they are found to be ineffective.

Review backs cameras

The Auditor-General’s performance audit, Improving Road Safety: Speed Cameras, released in 2011, found that fixed speed cameras were generally located in high-risk road safety areas, changed driver behaviour and had a positive road safety impact.

Following the audit, fixed speed cameras were decommissioned at 38 fixed speed camera locations where there had not been a consistent reduction in crashes, injuries and fatalities.

Details can be found in Safety Works at Decommissioned Fixed Speed Cameras.

We review speed cameras in consultation with key stakeholders to develop alternative road safety treatments for each location, addressing ongoing road safety risks along all safety review lengths. Our reviews are led by an independent road safety auditor and involve Transport for NSW, the NSW Police Force, NRMA Motoring & Services, local councils and schools. Programs of works are developed for identified road safety concerns at all locations.

Cameras operating in warning mode

A program of works includes the reactivation of some cameras into warning mode. Warning letters are issued to motorists who are detected speeding, unless they exceed the speed limit by more than 30km/h, where a court attendance notice is issued and drivers face significant penalties.

A three-strikes scheme also applies for cameras operating in warning mode. If a registered operator of a vehicle is issued two warning letters from the one camera location, an infringement will be issued for a third offence and any further offences at that location.

Speed camera locations

Current locations lets you find the positions of all mobile, fixed and red-light speed cameras in NSW.

Our Average speed enforcement map shows the positions of all average speed camera zones.