Centre for Road Safety

4 December 2014

This is advanced notice of speed limit changes that will take effect within the next two weeks. Speed limits will not change until the new speed limit signs are installed. Please ensure that you always observe the posted speed limit signs on the road.

Road name From To Local Government Area Current speed limit km/h New speed limit km/h Reason for change
Naughtons Gap Road, Richmond Valley 600m south of Stones Road, Naughtons Gap 2km south of Bentley Road, Naughtons Gap Richmond Valley 100 80 This is a predominantly rural road with towns along its length. Previous crash history and the number of intersections and driveways have been taken into consideration. The speed limit change is expected to improve safety for residents and road users.
New England Highway, Guyra 50m north of Black Mountain Road (northern occurrence) 300m north of Falconer Road Guyra 100 70 This speed limit change will improve consistency with surrounding speed limits to provide a simpler and safer road.
Tyringham Road, Bostobrick 400m east of Muldiva Road 100m west of Muldiva Road Bellingen 100 60 This change reduces the speed limit at this location in response to local community concerns.
Muldiva Road, Bostobrick Tyringham Road 400m south of Tyringham Road Bellingen 100 60 This speed limit change better reflects recent development and improves safety for residents and road users.