Centre for Road Safety

To better understand road safety issues and trends, our road crash data is presented via interactive reports. These reports provide evidence for organisations, researchers and the general public to help with the development of education resources, research and road safety programs and initiatives.

Crash and casualty statistics - NSW general view

These reports provide information on casualties and crashes in NSW over a five-year period.

Crash and casualty statistics - Serious injuries view

These displays have road crash data on serious injuries that are matched from police reports to hospital and/or Lifetime Care records, as well as unmatched serious injuries, for hospital stays where a police report could not be matched. See more details in how to use this information.

Crash and casualty statistics - Heavy vehicles view

These reports provide information on casualties and crashes involving heavy vehicles in NSW over a ten-year period

Crash and casualty statistics - LGA view

These reports allow you to analyse road trauma characteristics and trends by Local Government Areas.

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