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Mobile Drug Testing - there's no escaping it (30 seconds)

[A police officer stands next to a police car on the side of the road. Traffic noise can be heard.]

Officer: You might not have heard about MDT. But it’s all around us.

[Police officers are shown at a mobile drug test operation.]

Officer: It’s in neighbourhoods where you’d least expect it.

[A close-up of the officer shows an electronic display on top of the police car with the words MOBILE DRUG TESTING scrolling across the screen.]

Officer: And MDT is more prevalent on the streets than ever. And it won’t be long before you’re doing it too.

[A police officer holds a “Stop police” sign and waves drivers to the side of the road. Cars are shown pulling over. A police officer talks to the driver of a car. She holds a blue test stick]

[A background heartbeat sound effect starts.]

Police officer: This is an MDT - a mobile drug test. Please wipe this down your tongue.

[The driver is shown wiping the stick down his tongue.]

Narrator: With even more mobile drug testing on New South Wales roads . . .

[A series of shots show police conducting the tests along a row of cars stopped beside traffic cones with a Mobile Drug Testing sign on the road, then a close-up of a drivers licence and a blue MDT test stick.]

Narrator: . . . there’s no escaping it.

[A close-up shows a man wipe a test stick down his tongue.]

The words Mobile Drug Testing are superimposed over the image of the man, then transition into MDT.

End credits: MDT. There’s no escaping it. Logo: NSW Government. Logo: Towards Zero

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