Centre for Road Safety

Cyclists should remember to always stop on red traffic lights.

Go Together

Our Go Together campaign shows bicycle riders and other road users how to respect each other’s space and ensure that everyone stays safe.

Safe riding tips

  • Always wear an approved bicycle helmet, properly fitted and fastened
  • Always obey the road rules, including traffic lights, stop signs and give way signs
  • Allow pedestrians a metre of space on shared paths, where possible.
  • Always travel at a speed that is safe for you and the pedestrians you encounter, especially if you are riding on a footpath or shared path
  • When approaching pedestrians, always ring your bell, slow down and prepare to stop and give way
  • Ride in a predictable manner so that other road users do not have to react suddenly to your movements
  • Give hand signals when changing lanes or turning left or right
  • Make yourself visible by wearing bright, light or reflective clothing
  • Plan your route using quieter streets, bicycle paths or shared paths
  • Always be in control of your bicycle. It is an offence to ride with both hands off the handlebars, feet off the pedals or to carry anything that prevents you from having control.

Bicycle riders can find safety publications and guides on our Products page.