Centre for Road Safety

Shared paths are marked with signs that have graphics of a pedestrian at the top and a bicycle at the bottom.

Look out for each other

Across NSW, shared paths are used by pedestrians and bicycle riders. To avoid collisions and make using these paths a pleasant experience, pedestrians and bicycle riders need to watch for each other and follow a few simple rules.

Bicycle riders

When riding on a shared path, always make sure you:

  • Give way to pedestrians
  • Provide pedestrians with a metre of space when passing 
  • Keep to the left
  • Use your bell to warn others when you are approaching
  • Be careful around young children, dogs and older pedestrians, as they are often unpredictable in their movements
  • Travel at a safe speed so you can stop within a safe distance of pedestrians on the path


When walking on shared paths, always make sure you:

  • Watch for bicycle riders, who may suddenly approach from behind or around corners
  • Keep to the left
  • Move off the path to the left if you wish to stop
  • Keep animals on short leads and under control

More information

We commissioned research into different aspects of shared path safety in NSW. Our Shared paths document (PDF, 122Kb) has more information on the research findings and summarises the safety issues. For a copy of the full research reports, please use our Contact us form.