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[A young woman is riding a bicycle near the kerb on a city road. A man driving a car in the same lane approaches from behind.]

Narrator: Life is like a two-way street. It's about consideration and mutual respect.

[The car’s horn beeps. The bicycle rider and driver stop at a red light, smile and wave to each other.]

Narrator: Roads are much the same. However you get around - walk, ride or drive - if we share our roads, we can all be safer.

[Graphic: It’s a two way street. Amy Gillett Foundation Safer together]

[The driver and bicycle rider are now shown from behind as they travel in the left-hand lane of a two-way street].

[The driver moves to overtake the bicycle rider, being sure to leave a wide space between his car and the bike].

Narrator: When you're driving, it's nice to be friendly, but make sure there is enough personal space between you and people on bikes, because a metre matters.

[An arrow shows a one metre distance between the car and the bike.]

[Graphic: A metre matters.]

[A close-up shows a young man in a car.]

Narrator: Stacks of people ride bikes.

[The driver is shown stopped at an intersection. There is a truck behind him and some bicycle riders stopped next to him near the kerb. Two bicycle riders, one from the left and one from the right, cross the intersection in front of the driver.]

[Graphic: Focus on the road, Always expect bike riders]

Narrator: Just as you expect to see other vehicles on the road, expect to see people riding bikes too.

[A male bicycle rider is shown stopped at a pedestrian crossing with a traffic light. Behind the bicycle rider is a car and in the next lane across from them, a van.

Narrator: Bike riders also need to be aware of traffic, traffic lights, magpies, prams, potholes, pedestrians, Google vans.

[Close-ups show the rider and car, then traffic lights, a magpie, a woman pushing a pram over the pedestrian crossing, a pothole, a pedestrian and a Google van.]

Narrator: Look, just be aware.

[Graphic: Expect the unexpected.]

[The animation now shows a car and bicycle rider on a country road approaching a rest area with a toilet.]

Narrator: Come rain, hail, shine, sleet or snow…

[Graphic: Plan your drive]

[While the bicycle rider stays on the road, the car turns off into the rest area, where a woman stands.]

Narrator: No matter what the conditions, drive safely wherever you go.

[Graphic: Check your speed]

[As the conditions suddenly become darker, the bicycle rider and driver turn on their lights.]

[The animation shows the back of a parked car with a man in the driver’s seat.]

Narrator: Opening your car door without looking …

[Close-up of the side mirror shows a bicycle rider approaching. The bicycle rider pedals past the car]

Narrator: …can cause serious injuries to bike riders.

[Another bicycle rider appears in the side mirror and rides past the car]

Narrator: Always check your side mirrors and look over your shoulder for people riding bikes.

[The driver checks the side mirror and looks over his shoulder before opening the door.]

Narrator: Don't open your door unless you're sure there's no-one coming.

[Graphic: Always look before opening]

[The animation shows a driver in a car with a bicycle rider behind him. There is oncoming traffic. The driver checks his blind spot before indicating to turn left.]

[Graphic: Always indicate your intentions early]

Narrator: Let people know where you're going. So check your blind spots and indicate early.

[A male bicycle rider travels in front of a car. He lifts his arm to indicate he is turning left.]

[Graphic: Indicate your intentions]

Narrator: And always use your hands when changing lanes and turning.

[A male bicycle rider approaches an intersection and stops at a red light. A beige car travels across the intersection in front of him.]

[Graphic: Always stop on red]

Narrator: Most road rules are for everyone - stop at red lights …

[A female bicycle rider travels up to an intersection where the driver of the beige car has stopped at a give way sign. The bicycle rider has the right of way and rides past the beige car.]

Narrator: and always give right of way at intersections.

[A close-up shows a female bicycle rider wearing a helmet with an Australian flag design.}

Narrator: But some rules are just for bikes.

[The bicycle rider travels along a street.]

Narrator: Like wearing a helmet when you're out on your wheels, because it might just save your life.

[Graphic: Always wear a helmet]

[A female bicycle rider is shown riding in the dark without lights on her bike. A car with its lights on approaches from behind.]

Narrator: You also need bike lights and bright clothes because sometimes it's hard to see and be seen by other road users without them.

[The bicycle rider smiles as the front light on her bike is turned on and the rear light flashes.]

[Graphic: Use your lights]

Narrator: You don't need to look like a disco on wheels, just a light on the front and one on the back.

[A male bicycle rider is shown fixing the brakes on his bike with a spanner.]

Narrator: Something else that is important on a bike - brakes.

[The bicycle rider travels fast down a steep hill towards a car stopped in front of him. He uses his brakes to stop the bike, smiles and rings his bell.]

Narrator: Take it from me - it's not good if they don't work.

[Graphic: Maintain your bike]

[A male bicycle rider is shown stopped on a country road. There are mountains in the background. From his pocket he takes identification that reads: ‘In case of emergency’.

[Graphic: Always carry ID]

NARRATOR: None of us like to imagine the worst, but just in case, carry some ID when you ride your bike.

[A bicycle rider is shown stopped outside a milk bar. He smiles as he holds a drink and a banana.]

NARRATOR: Riding a bike can be hard work. We don't all have legs of steel. So eat, drink and rest when you need to.

[Graphic: Fuel prevents fatigue]

[The bicycle rider and driver who appeared at the start of the video are shown again, stopped at a red light. They smile and wave to each other and the driver toots the horn.]

Narrator: So there it is - consideration and mutual respect. It doesn't take much. After all, it's a two-way street.

[Credits: It’s a two-way street, amygillett.org.au/itsatwowaystreet, Amy Gillett Foundation Safe Together]

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