Centre for Road Safety

Storm season is here (58 seconds)

[Lightning strikes in a darkened sky.]

Caption: Storm season is here.

[Rain pelts a building; the view through a windscreen is blurred by a storm.]

Caption: There is now a greater chance of storms and a higher risk of floods.

[An SES volunteer in a boat passes by a flooded house; aerial views show a river flooding a small town.]

Caption: Floodwater can significantly impact roads.

[A car is completely submerged by floodwater; cars are unable to cross a flooded road and volunteers in a car pause to assess flooded roads.]

Caption: It can wash away roads, contain pollutants and be deeper than it looks.

[A small car starts to float in floodwater.]

Caption: Did you know that just 15cm of water can make a car float?

[An SES volunteer comes to the aid of a driver stranded in floodwater.]

Caption: Floodwater can trap your car and put you and your passengers’ lives at risk.

[A road is completely flooded by water; SES volunteers in boats help a stranded truck driver, a boat full of volunteers navigate floodwaters.]

Caption: Last storm season NSW SES responded to 267 calls for people trapped in their vehicles by floodwater.

[SES volunteers in a rubber dingy pass by cars submerged in floodwater.]

Caption: If you come across floodwater do not attempt to drive, ride or walk through it.

[A barricade blocks a road, warning drivers that it is covered by floodwater.]

Caption: Keep you, your passengers and our volunteers safe.

[Floodwater almost covers a sign reading: Road closed due to flooding.]

Caption: If you come across floodwater find another way around.

Logos: NSW Government, Towards Zero, SES.


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