Centre for Road Safety

Before setting off, this simple checklist can help to make sure you have a safe journey towing your caravan. Make sure your caravan is packed safely, and all brakes, lights and connectors function correctly to help to ensure you have a safe trip.


Caravan tyre pressure is correct to manufacturer’s specifications


Caravan spare wheel is packed and operational


Wheel nuts are tightened to caravan manufacturer’s specifications


Wheel chocks and jack stands are working in case tyre changes are needed


Caravan wheel bearings are correctly adjusted and lubricated


Caravan tyres have legal thread depth and the tyre casings are not cracked or perished


Check brakes are operating correctly on ALL axles of the caravan


Electric brakes (if fitted)  are charged and the charging system is working



Caravan lights, number plate and registration are clearly visible


Caravan light connections are secure and all lights are in working order



All towing components are in good order with no cracks or substantial dents that may weaken the structure


Safety chains are correctly connected


Front and rear corner stabilisers are in the up position


Coupling socket and ball match each other in size


Coupling is correctly and securely fastened



The amount of load in the boot of the towing vehicle is minimised


Load distribution between towing vehicle and the caravan is correct and properly balanced, front-to-rear and side-to-side


The loaded mass does not exceed ANY of the:

-        Rated capacity of the towbar and tow coupling

-        Maximum towing capacity of the vehicle (GCM)

-        maximum fully loaded carrying capacity of the caravan (ATM)

-        maximum fully rated carying capacity of the tyres





Final checks

Gas cylinders in the caravan are turned off and the refrigerator door is closed


Any roll out awnings are stored away and locked in the travel position


Roof hatches, windows, doors and stone shields are secure


240v electrical cord has been disconnected and stored away


TV antenna is in the travel position


No loose items are in either the caravan or the towing vehicle that could upset the balance of the caravan or injure vehicle occupants


Jockey wheel has been removed from clamp and stored in the boot of the car or caravan, or if it’s a swivel mount, locked in the travel position


Caravan handbrake has been correctly released


You can also download the Caravan Safety Checklist (PDF, 98Kb).

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